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Literature Workshop 2009, Curriculum Development 2007, etc

  • Curriculum Development

    Do you want to know What are the 13 Stages of Curriculum Development? then do check out this article to know more about Curriculum Development. Curriculum Development In order to make our educational materials more interesting to our students, our teachers work with articles published in newspapers and magazines in Guatemala and Latin America as more info

  • Workshops

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    Workshops We do our best to prepare our Spanish teachers to use the latest research in teaching Spanish as a second language with the help of Workshops. Post Boom in Guatemala Arturo Arias, PhD President of Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Director of Latin America Studies, the University of Texas at Austin. Literary Analysis (Study more info

  • Literature Workshop 2009

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    Literature Workshop Quetzaltenango, August 6, 2009. The Literature Workshop taught by Julio E. Batres, to CX’s faculty from July 5 to August 6, 2009 was a complete success. The main purpose of the Literature Workshop was to train the teachers who work in this field to apply their knowledge of literary theories, literary analysis, and more info

  • Best Training Workshops, Curriculum 2021

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    Training Workshops, Curriculum Training Workshops, Curriculum is a must. Casa Xelajú´s main concern is how to keep the highest standards of Spanish education when our teachers go over the Spanish language with students. We know that this is a challenge for our teachers because we have students from all over the world with different linguistic more info

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